Bankruptcy and Restructuring

The attorneys at Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker provide clients with bankruptcy knowledge and experience that is deeper and broader than any other single law office in Colorado, Wyoming or Utah. Five of our attorneys are Business Bankruptcy specialists certified by the American Board of Certification. No other firm in the three-state region has as many certified Business Bankruptcy specialists.

How Can We Help?

The MWYH edge comes to bear from the minute a bankruptcy case is filed.

We often represent financial institutions as secured lenders in commercial bankruptcy cases. While certain debtors attempt to “fast track” a chapter 11, to the detriment of secured lenders’ rights, others want to use the “slow road” to stretch out obligations to secured creditors. Secured creditors have rights under the bankruptcy code that give them the ability to argue against either scenario if such plans operate to the detriment of the creditors. Our attorneys move quickly and decisively when our clients receive a bankruptcy notice. Such action may include seeking to lift the automatic stay, moving to dismiss the case, or obtaining a single asset real estate determination. Or the better strategy, in the case of a healthy debtor, may be to work with the debtor for rehabilitation of the business and our client’s collateral. Advising when to litigate and when to negotiate in a bankruptcy case is a key service we offer to our clients.

Our attorneys also represent creditors regarding:

As a full service bankruptcy firm, we also represent creditors’ committees, debtors in possession, trustees and purchasers of assets through section “363” sales or pursuant to confirmed bankruptcy plans. Our attorneys have confirmed plans for such diverse businesses as those involved in oil & gas, housing construction, agriculture, real estate development, bicycles, and telecommunications.

Why Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker?

Experience and skill alone are only part of the solution in commercial bankruptcy cases. We believe that knowledge of the other players and a firm’s reputation in the community are equally important in navigating the hazardous waters of chapter 11. The attorneys at Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker have the depth and community recognition that is invaluable in obtaining successful results in commercial bankruptcy cases. Three of the firm’s bankruptcy attorneys, Jim Markus, and John Young have been named to the list of Colorado Super Lawyers for bankruptcy practice. This designation is given by recommendation of other attorneys in Colorado, and only five percent of Colorado attorneys are so named. Further, John and Don have both served as chair of the Bankruptcy Subsection of the Colorado Bar Association.

Our bankruptcy attorneys are equally active on a national level. Jim Markus has served as the president of the American Bankruptcy Institute. Jim has also been inducted as a fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy, an honorary professional and educational association of bankruptcy and insolvency professionals. John Young, also active on the national stage, served a two- year term as national director of the Real Estate section of the American Bankruptcy Institute. Our attorneys have appeared in various bankruptcy courts throughout the country. Most recently we have argued cases in Texas, Nevada, and Utah, as well as Colorado and Wyoming.

The full service Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice Group at Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker looks forward to assisting and advising you on bankruptcy matters.

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