Fiduciary Litigation

Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker’s Fiduciary Litigation Practice Group regularly represents banks, corporations, trustees, creditors, banks, corporate officers and directors, entities that hold a fiduciary position, and the beneficiaries of a fiduciary relationship, by investigating, protecting against, and pursuing or defending fiduciary litigation claims in the bankruptcy and insolvency setting.

We recognize what actions give rise to claims, and just as importantly, we recognize what actions do not give rise to viable claims. Because we have experience both defending and prosecuting such actions, we know what the world looks like from the opposite side of the courtroom. Such experience is invaluable in calculating the risks and benefits of litigation and recognizing when to settle and when to go to trial. Based upon this experience, we are regularly asked to conduct internal investigations regarding the actions of an institution’s directors and officers in order to assist the institution in complying with its statutory and common law duties to its shareholders and creditors.

How Can We Help?

Why Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker?

Although the complex nature inherent in fiduciary litigation means we can never guarantee a result, our decades of experience with financial institutions, and with complex insolvency and business litigation, help us recognize the cases where our expertise would be most helpful to our clients. The following are a few examples of our significant representations in this area:

Geneva Steel


Schwinn Bicycle

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James T. Markus

John F. Young

Bradley T. Hunsicker

Matthew T. Faga

Peter Q. Murphy

Jennifer Salisbury

William G. Cross

Zachary G. Sanderson